Chinese Buddhist Vegetarian Luncheon, organized by June Mei ’66 (Saturday, October 22nd at 12:00 PM EDT)

Over the centuries, Chinese Buddhists found ways to integrate the Buddhist proscription against killing animals for food into their culture’s traditional diet. This has resulted in a vegetarian cuisine which features many dishes made to resemble meat and seafood. Extensive use is made of soybean products, mushrooms, nuts, etc. to create dishes with the textures and flavors of their meat counterparts, ranging from dim sum to barbecues. Our lunch will feature a multi-course menu of mostly Cantonese dishes which fully exemplify this variety.

As we will be meeting in Chatham Square in Chinatown, lunch will be preceded by a greeting from our Club President and a brief description by June Mei ’66 of two local landmarks which reflect ongoing political differences in Chinatown.

This Chinese Buddhist Vegetarian Luncheon is organized by June Mei ’66, who has been involved in U.S.-China cultural, political and philanthropic exchanges for over three decades. She has also organized four China trips for the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association.

WHAT: Chinese Buddhist Vegetarian Luncheon, organized by June Mei ’66

WHEN: Saturday, October 22nd at 12:00 PM EDT.

WHERE: Assemble at the Kimlau War Memorial Arch in Chatham Square, Chinatown (across from the intersection of Mott Street and the Bowery) for welcome and introductory remarks. Lunch will follow at Buddha Bodai Restaurant, 5 Mott Street (a Restaurant which is kosher as well as vegan!)

HOW MUCH: $35 per reservation (Includes tax and tip). Guests are welcome. Please note, as the meal must be ordered ahead of time, there will be no refunds but another may take your place if you can no longer attend.