Meet Kaitlin Menza ’09

May 8, 2017

Meet our first Mawrtyr! Kaitlin Menza ’09 was a sociology major and is now a freelance magazine writer.

On her professional life… I got here by taking every internship, asking for every assignment, and always raising my hand. My mentor taught me not to compare myself to other people (too much). I dream of someday winning a Pulitzer Prize.

In her spare time… I read near my bedroom window. I wish I had more time to take a yoga class. I’m out of practice.

On NYC… What I love most about NYC is long walks down Sixth Avenue at dusk, or in the West Village on an early morning, or in the west 20s on a sunny afternoon.

On Bryn Mawr… My time at Bryn Mawr taught me that it’s okay to care. In fact, the more you care, the better. My advice to current Mawrtyrs is spend as much time as possible lying on the green with your friends. My advice to recent grads is to take a breath. You’ll get a job. You will contribute to the world. You are ready.

If anyone is interested in connecting with me, email at

Anassa Kata, Kaitlin!