The College offers several ways to help build and support your BMC alum network:

Bryn Mawr College Alumnae/i Career Services

Support and Services Available:

  • Career Coaching (in person, telephone, or Zoom)
  • Networking connections via LinkedIn, Mawrter Connect and alumnae/i events
  • Online resources for job search, salary negotiation, relocation, professional development, and more
  • GSSWSR alums, click here for Career Services help.

If you have an upcoming networking event, or are looking to make networking contacts, please post relevant information in a comment below. 

5 thoughts on “Networking

  1. Hi, Carter: I wrote you back in April. Still hoping to hook up with you to finish the acknowledgement page of my novel Hotel Street. Maybe you tried and couldn’t find me. Here’s my email address: Hope to hear from you — H.

    • Hi Howard, Carter, I’m not a novelist, and sorry Sharon, I’m not a banker, but I do like the idea of using this space for networking… come on Mawrtyrs! We can do better than a few posts/year. This won’t work if we don’t give this tool some content. I’m here looking for a place to vent. I feel crappy because I’m still unemployed. I just got a reject email for what’s essentially a secretarial job that applied for because I got tired of not having a job and figured I could lower my expectations a little. So I need some of the kind of support I had when we were students. I’ve still got plans to change the world and write the great American novel and all that mind you, just wanted to do it with some sisterly advice, feedback, mentorship, etc. We’ve got to start somewhere.

  2. Hi, Carter. This is Howard Kim. Of course, you remember me. I was on one of your red-light district tours of Chinatown back in ’17. The novel I was researching at the time is finished and ready to go to press. I got sidetracked for a while with another project, which took some time. The book’s a noir murder mystery. It’s title of all things is “Hotel Street.” It’s filled with all kinds of goodies. You were a big part of the inspiration for it. I want to mention you in the acknowledgments. How should I state it?

    Glad you’re living in NYC. It’s my hometown. I’m a Brooklyn kid.
    Send me your email address, and I’ll email you a copy of the cover. The
    book should be out June/July — H.

  3. Looking for new friends to hang out with. I just moved back to NYC after seven years in Hawai`i. Honolulu was a blast and I learned a lot about Hawaiian history, I ran my own tour company there. Now that I’m in NYC I will try to make little movies, do you want a part in one?

    I like going to the movies, playing board games, cooking and needle point. I would like to go out and get drinks at a bar or club more (it looks like fun but I’ve never really done it). Just sitting around and doing crafts together would be wonderful too.

    I’m fully vaxxed and looking to have some face time, maybe a game night would be fun!

    I make youtube videos sometimes, if you want to get a feel for me here is a link

    I look forward to meeting you!

  4. Looking to make networking contacts. Finance and bank regulations- looking to expand/

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